Le vent du Marseille


À mon cher,

To My Dear,



About 1 year ago, I received your first reply.

When I made this account I didn't have wish, future, and more. I thought nobody were watching my words and photos.


However, you told me some advices and opinions.


Step by step, your words made me becoming trust you.

So, during conversation with you, I felt joy.


A half of year passed from first conversation, when I wasn't talking with you and then I was feeling and thinking about you, what would you do now, what would you think and, why have you chosen me for talking about crossdresser.

When I notice, everytime I was thinking about you.
and after a few month passed, I was convinced what I've been falling in love to you.

After that, you said

"never want to see anyone leaves from me if there are no reasons."

I saw it and decided I never leave from you.


However in sudden, you stopped access and stopped respond.
next, you've left from my friends list in sudden.


I don't have any way to tell anything. I've lost the way and your heart. I felt so.

However your life, favor, all of them those should be decided by yourself and I don't have the right for choosing nor deciding your way.


Sometime, I believe that your reply will be come. if that might be either will be yes or no, but even so I have to accept it.

Even if the answer is no, however My love never changes.



I miss you.


If my heart is made of glass, it might be easier even though breaking my heart.
The glass never returns to the original one.

Ver "Luna Sea - Jesus (Live from "Sin After Sin" DVD)" en YouTube

Luna Sea - Jesus (Live from "Sin After Sin" DVD) - YouTube

Immortal body, Mortally love, Lost heart.

Escuchando 水晶の瞬間~to immorality.... - DIE IN CRIES encendido Dub Music Player (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=hr.palamida).







Prologue de... Même si vous êtes une illusion d'été, mais même si je suis avec vous.

Then, I went to the North country, for looking for you...


Where are you...

¿Te importas tan barato como yo? O especialmente te?

Är du Joran Pailsen?


Have you ever shown yourself to the enemies?


Detrás de tí.